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Truck Driving Jobs in ,

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So many drivers who switched to local trucking jobs are glad they did! Local trucking jobs allow you to continue driving a truck, but give you the home time you’ve been dreaming of! Now, you can spend more time with your loved ones! If you’re looking for a local trucking job in , you’re in the right place! Just fill out our secure online driver job application! You’ll get local trucking job offers fast, so don’t wait! Apply now!


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Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-25 = Can you Contact .......

10-71 = proceed with transmission in sequence

10-17 = Urgent Business

10-44 = I have a message for you

10-70 = Fire at .......

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day


Truck driver who constantly changes lanes at high speeds

Yard Jockey

Person who operates a yard tractor.

Displacement (Piston Displacement)

Sum of the volumes swept by an engine's pistons as they travel up and down in their cylinders. Based upon bore (diameter of cylinder) and stroke (distance traveled by piston). Expressed in liters or cubic inches.


Median strip



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