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If you’re tired of spending weeks at a time OTR, you should give a local trucking job a try! There are some wonderful local trucking job opportunities in ! Local trucking jobs offer good money, competitive benefits, and the home time you’ve been wanting! So don’t wait – fill out our secure online driver job application! These local trucking jobs in will fill up fast!

Your truck driver 10-Codes of the Day

10-39 = Your message delivered

10-43 = Traffic tied up at .........

10-41 = Please tune to channel ........

10-75 = You are causing interference

10-5 = Relay Message


Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day


See Sleeper.

Runaway Truck Ramp

Emergency area adjacent to a steep downgrade that a heavy truck can steer into after losing braking power. Usually two or three lanes wide and several hundred feet long, the ramp is a soft, gravel-filled pathway which absorbs the truck's forward momentum, bringing it to a safe stop. Depending on the surrounding terrain, the ramp may be level or run up or down hill.

Front door

Lead rig in convoy of trucks

County Mounty

Highway patrol

Bogie (also spelled bogey)

Assembly of two or more axles, usually a pair in tandem.

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