Trucking Jobs in Bullhead City, Arizona


Truck Driving Jobs in Bullhead City, Arizona

Local Trucking Companies in Bullhead City, Arizona:

America’s freight needs dependable, professional cdl truck drivers! Carriers across the nation have available truck driving jobs! If you’re looking for a better situation, or maybe even just curious what’s on the market – you’re in the right place! Take a moment to complete our secure online driver application! You’ll receive multiple job offers from submitting a single application, so apply now!


Trucking Companies in Bullhead City, Arizona


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-19 = Nothing for you, return to base

10-38 = Ambulance needed at .........

10-45 = All units within range please report

10-84 = My telephone number is .........

10-50 = Break Channel

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day


Liquefied Petroleum Gas, e.g., Propane Butane.

Bill of Lading

Itemized list of goods contained in a shipment.

Peddle Run

Truck route with frequent delivery stops.

Break one-oh

I want to talk (on channel 10)

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Assigned by the manufacturer, this number is unique to each vehicle and appears on the vehicle's registration and title.

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