Trucking Jobs in Blytheville, Arkansas


Truck Driving Jobs in Blytheville, Arkansas

Blytheville, Arkansas Trucking Companies:

Tired of fast food? Miss showering in the comfort of your own home? Maybe a local trucking job is the solution for you! There are some terrific local trucking jobs available near Blytheville, Arkansas! The companies we help find qualified drivers are making offers and these are trucking jobs with competitive pay and benefits! These local trucking jobs will fill up fast so dont wait! Click here to apply now!


Trucking Companies in Blytheville, Arkansas


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Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day


Vehicle's ability to climb a grade at a given speed. Example: A truck with a gradeability of 5% at 60 mph can maintain 60 mph on a grade with a rise of 5%.


Interstate highway


Police radar unit

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Your immediate superior/supervisor at work.


Tractor operating without a trailer.

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