Trucking Jobs in Blytheville, Arkansas


Truck Driving Jobs in Blytheville, Arkansas

Companies with Truck Driving Jobs in Blytheville, Arkansas for Local:

America’s freight needs dependable, professional cdl truck drivers! Carriers across the nation have available truck driving jobs! If you’re looking for a better situation, or maybe even just curious what’s on the market – you’re in the right place! Take a moment to complete our secure online driver application! You’ll receive multiple job offers from submitting a single application, so apply now!


Trucking Companies in Blytheville, Arkansas


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-25 = Can you Contact .......

10-18 = Anything for us?

10-71 = proceed with transmission in sequence

10-11 = Talking too Rapidly

10-200 = Police needed at ..........

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day


Truck stop Cafe

Cargo Weight

Combined weight of all loads, gear and supplies on a vehicle.

Air Ride Suspension

Suspension which supports the load on air-filled rubber bags rather than steel springs. Compressed air is supplied by the same engine-driven air compressor and reservoir tanks which provide air to the air brake system.


A bumpy road

Clean shot

No highway patrol around

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