Trucking Jobs in West Helena, Arkansas


Truck Driving Jobs in West Helena, Arkansas

Driver Jobs for Owner Operator in West Helena, Arkansas:

Arkansas is home to some terrific local trucking job opportunities! Local trucking jobs allow you to drive a truck and spend more time with your family! <__company> is currently looking for drivers to run local and regional routes in Arkansas. To find out more about these positions in Arkansas, just fill out our secure online driver job application! Go ahead apply now!


Trucking Companies in West Helena, Arkansas


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-33 = Emergency Traffic at this station

10-34 = Trouble at this station, help is needed

10-29 = Time is up for contact

10-16 = make pickup at (location)

10-93 = Check my frequency on this channel

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

AFV (Alternative Fueled Vehicle)

Vehicle powered by a fuel other than gasoline or diesel.

Cub scouts

Sheriff's deputies

ABS (Antilock Braking System)

Computer, sensors and solenoid valves which together monitor wheel speed and modulate braking force if wheel lockup is sensed during braking. Helps the driver retain control of the vehicle during heavy braking on slippery roads.

Dirty town

New York City

GCW (Gross Combination Weight)

Total weight of a loaded combination vehicle, such as a tractor-semitrailer or truck and full trailer(s).

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