Trucking Jobs in West Helena, Arkansas


Truck Driving Jobs in West Helena, Arkansas

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Trucking companies across the nation need dependable, experienced owner operators and company drivers! Take a moment to complete our secure online driver job application. Well forward your driving information to tons of wonderful trucking companies, and youll get job offers faster than youd thought possible! So dont wait - apply now!


Trucking Companies in West Helena, Arkansas


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-17 = Urgent Business

10-32 = I will give you a radio check

10-21 = Call on the telephone

10-3 = Stop Transmitting

10-8 = In Service, subject to call

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Powertrain (Drivetrain)

All the components, including engine, which transmit the engine's power to the rear wheels: clutch, transmission, driveline and drive axle(s).



LCV (Long Combination Vehicle)

In general, vehicles longer than a standard doubles rig (tractor and two 28-foot semitrailers). Examples of LCVs which are permitted in some U.S. western states and eastern toll roads: Twin 48-foot trailers; triple 28-foot trailers.

RFG (Reformulated Gasoline)

Gasoline blended with pollution reducing additives.

Big/tall rubber

24 inch tires

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