Trucking Jobs in Sterling, Colorado


Truck Driving Jobs in Sterling, Colorado

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Trucking companies across the nation need dependable, experienced owner operators and company drivers! Take a moment to complete our secure online driver job application. We’ll forward your driving information to tons of wonderful trucking companies, and you’ll get job offers faster than you’d thought possible! So don’t wait - apply now!


Trucking Companies in Sterling, Colorado


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-77 = Negative Contact

10-100 = Need to go to Bathroom

10-39 = Your message delivered

10-84 = My telephone number is .........

10-18 = Anything for us?

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Assigned by the manufacturer, this number is unique to each vehicle and appears on the vehicle's registration and title.

Lift Axle

Extra, unpowered axle needed only when the vehicle is loaded, allowing it to meet federal and state vehicle weight standards. The lift axle is mounted to an air spring suspension that raises the axle when it is not required.

Do it to it

Speed up

Better half

Husband or wife

City kitty

Woman city police officer

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