Trucking Jobs in Sterling, Colorado


Truck Driving Jobs in Sterling, Colorado

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You just left your hometown truck stop and you already miss your family? Sounds like you need a local trucking job! A local trucking job allows you to keep driving a truck, but offers more time at home with your family! There are some great local trucking job opportunities available, so you’re sure to find the one suited to you! To find a terrific local trucking job, click here!


Trucking Companies in Sterling, Colorado


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Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day



Ply Rating (PR)

Relative measure of tire casing strength. (see Load Range)

Chassis Weight (Curb Weight, Tare Weight)

Weight of the empty truck, without occupants or load.

Drivetrain (Powertrain)

All the components, excluding engine, which transmit the engine's power to the rear wheels: clutch, transmission, driveline and drive axle(s). (See Powertrain)

Bundled out

Trailer is fully loaded

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