Trucking Jobs in Milton, Delaware


Truck Driving Jobs in Milton, Delaware

Local Trucking Companies in Milton, Delaware:

You just left your hometown truck stop and you already miss your family? Sounds like you need a local trucking job! A local trucking job allows you to keep driving a truck, but offers more time at home with your family! There are some great local trucking job opportunities available, so you’re sure to find the one suited to you! To find a terrific local trucking job, click here!


Trucking Companies in Milton, Delaware


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-11 = Talking too Rapidly

10-33 = Emergency Traffic at this station

10-28 = Identify your station

10-3 = Stop Transmitting

10-73 = Speed Trap at ............

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Contract Carrier

Company that transports freight under contract with one or a limited number of shippers.


Group of three axles on a truck, tractor or trailer. Tridems are most common on European semitrailers.

Boss man

Your immediate superior/supervisor at work.


See Converter Dolly.

Powertrain (Drivetrain)

All the components, including engine, which transmit the engine's power to the rear wheels: clutch, transmission, driveline and drive axle(s).

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