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Local trucking jobs are perfect for drivers who love driving a truck, but want more time at home with family and friends! There are currently some terrific local trucking job opportunities in Florida! These local driving jobs are available to drivers with all experience levels.

Your truck driver 10-Codes of the Day

10-99 = Mission completed, all units secure

10-37 = Wrecker needed at …...

10-28 = Identify your station

10-12 = Visitors Present

10-43 = Traffic tied up at .........


Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Demountable Rim

Multi-piece steel wheel rim assembly which is bolted to a spoke hub. Demountable rims are still in use, though they have been replaced in many applications by the simpler disc wheel. (see Cast Spoke Wheel)

Contract Carrier

Company that transports freight under contract with one or a limited number of shippers.

ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)

Formerly called IVHS.

Escape Ramp

See Runaway Truck Ramp.

Spread Axle (Spread Tandem)

Tandem axle assembly spaced further apart than the standard spacing of 54 inches. The U.S. federal bridge formula favors trailer axles with an eight or nine foot spread by allowing higher weight than on tandems wth standard spacing.

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