Trucking Jobs in Citrus Springs, Florida


Truck Driving Jobs in Citrus Springs, Florida

Companies with Truck Driving Jobs in Citrus Springs, Florida for Student:

Trucking companies across the nation need dependable, experienced owner operators and company drivers! Take a moment to complete our secure online driver job application. We’ll forward your driving information to tons of wonderful trucking companies, and you’ll get job offers faster than you’d thought possible! So don’t wait - apply now!


Trucking Companies in Citrus Springs, Florida


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-91 = Talk closer to the Mike

10-2 = Receiving Well

10-37 = Wrecker needed at …...

10-8 = In Service, subject to call

10-33 = Emergency Traffic at this station

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Dry box

Freight trailer

Yard Jockey

Person who operates a yard tractor.

GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight)

Total weight of a vehicle and everything aboard, including its load.


Truck stop Cafe

Ears on

CB is turned on

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