Trucking Jobs in Bloomington, Indiana


Truck Driving Jobs in Bloomington, Indiana

Companies with Truck Driver Jobs in Indiana for Local:

Local trucking jobs are perfect for drivers who love driving a truck, but want more time at home with family and friends! There are currently some terrific local trucking job opportunities in Bloomington, Indiana! These local driving jobs are available to drivers with all experience levels.


Trucking Companies in Bloomington, Indiana


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Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day


Distance from back of a truck's cab to the end of its frame.

Brake Horsepower (bhp)

Engine horsepower rating as determined by brake dynamometer testing. (see Horsepower)


Police radar unit

Air Ride Suspension

Suspension which supports the load on air-filled rubber bags rather than steel springs. Compressed air is supplied by the same engine-driven air compressor and reservoir tanks which provide air to the air brake system.

Bear Bait

Leader in a group of trucks

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