Trucking Jobs in Junction City, Kansas


Truck Driving Jobs in Junction City, Kansas

Local Trucking Companies in Kansas:

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Trucking Companies in Junction City, Kansas


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-24 = Completed last assignment

10-44 = I have a message for you

10-32 = I will give you a radio check

10-5 = Relay Message

10-38 = Ambulance needed at .........

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Walking Beam Suspension

Type of truck and tractor rear suspension consisting of two beams, one at each side of the chassis, which pivot in the center and connect at the front to one axle of a tandem and at the rear to the other axle.

Horsepower, Gross Laboratory

Tested horsepower of a "bare" engine without fan, water pump, alternator, exhaust system or any other accessories.

Bingo cards

Paper cards that hold trucking permits from different states


A not-so-formal version of good neighbor.

Independent Trucker

See Owner Operator.

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