Trucking Jobs in Junction City, Kansas


Truck Driving Jobs in Junction City, Kansas

Local Owner Operator Trucking Companies:

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Trucking Companies in Junction City, Kansas


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-1 = Receiving Poorly

10-73 = Speed Trap at ............

10-23 = Stand by

10-3 = Stop Transmitting

10-12 = Visitors Present

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Boss man

Your immediate superior/supervisor at work.

Gear Ratio

Number, usually expressed as a decimal fraction, representing how many turns of the input shaft cause exactly one revolution of the output shaft. Applies to transmissions, power takeoffs, power dividers and rear axles. Example: If 2.5 revolutions of an input shaft cause one revolution of the output shaft, the gear ratio is 2.5:1.

Tractor Trailer

Tractor and semitrailer combination.

Cabover (Cab-Over-Engine, COE)

Truck or tractor design in which the cab sits over the engine on the chassis.


Distance from a truck's front bumper to the back of its cab.

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