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Louisiana Truck Driving Jobs | LA Truck Driver Jobs

Wish you could spend more time at home? There are lots of job opportunities available locally and regionally. These trucking jobs offer you the continued ability to drive a truck, but also offer more time at home with your loved ones! There are some very good local trucking job opportunities right now so donít let them slip through your fingers! Apply now and take the first step toward spending more time with your family!

Your truck driver 10-Codes of the Day

10-42 = Traffic Accident at ..........

10-21 = Call on the telephone

10-99 = Mission completed, all units secure

10-36 = Need correct time

10-84 = My telephone number is .........


Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Covered wagon

Gravel trailer covered with a tarp



Chicken lights

Extra lights on a truck

Pintle Hook

Coupling device used in double trailer, triple trailer and truck-trailer combinations. It has a curved, fixed towing horn and an upper latch that opens to accept the drawbar eye of a trailer or dolly.

Team (Driver Team)

Team of two drivers who alternative driving and resting.

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