Trucking Jobs in Columbia, Mississippi


Truck Driving Jobs in Columbia, Mississippi

Companies with Truck Driving Jobs in , for Local:

Truck drivers that are looking for trucking companies in , might want to refine their search for better trucking jobs. We always want company drivers and owner operators to find the best transportation employment opportunity no matter if you're a Student that has only really driven Flatbed. Consider looking around our site a little more because we work with a lot of transportation carriers that have better trucking driving jobs available. Our goal is to help every independent carrier and company driving employee find the best trucker jobs anywhere on the Internet. , might not have the trucking company you're looking for, but we do work with a lot of other companies all over the country that need better truck drivers to drive their freight. 

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Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Cast Spoke Wheel

Wheel with five or six spokes originating from a center hub. The spoked portion, usually made of cast steel, is bolted to a multiple-piece steel rim (see Demountable Rim; Disc Wheel).

AFV (Alternative Fueled Vehicle)

Vehicle powered by a fuel other than gasoline or diesel.

Coal Bucket

Dump Trailer

Chassis Weight (Curb Weight, Tare Weight)

Weight of the empty truck, without occupants or load.

Four wheeler

Passenger car or pickup

Your truck driver 10-Codes of the Day


I will give you a radio check


My address is ...........


make pickup at (location)


Transmit dead carrier for 5 seconds


Ok, Message Received

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