Trucking Jobs in Laurel, Mississippi


Truck Driving Jobs in Laurel, Mississippi

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Trucking jobs and owner operator trucking jobs are tough to come by in , . So much so that we actually don't have anyone listed here! We're sorry about that but if you can give us just a few minutes of your time we are sure that we can be of great assistance to your search for truck driver jobs and owner operator jobs. Our clients are hiring for all job types all over America, it's just that no companies are listed right here. We have clients that even need Local that can drive Tanker. Some have specific needs, others are more general that simply need to hire some good company employee truckers and some good independent owner operator drivers. Our secure application is the best way to get your trucking history in front of trucking companies that are offering employment to truck drivers. 

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ATC (Automatic Traction Control)

Usually an optional feature based on ABS, it prevents spinning of the drive wheels under power on slippery surfaces by braking individual wheels and/or reducing engine throttle. Also called ASR, an acronym sometimes loosely translated from the German as anti-spin regulation.

Bear report

Requesting locations of the law enforcement

Dragon Wagon

Tow truck

Tare Weight

See Chassis Weight.

Ears on

CB is turned on

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Fire at .......


Your transmitter is out of adjustment


I have a message for you


Confidential Information


Relay Message

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