Trucking Jobs in Richland, Mississippi


Truck Driving Jobs in Richland, Mississippi

Companies with Truck Driver Jobs in Mississippi for Owner Operator:

Whether you’re fresh out of trucking school, or you have years on the road under your belt – we can help you find a great truck driving job! You just complete our secure online driver job application and we’ll forward your professional driving information to wonderful trucking companies looking for company drivers and owner operators just like you! Apply now and get the job you deserve!


Trucking Companies in Richland, Mississippi


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-6 = Busy, Stand By

10-91 = Talk closer to the Mike

10-1 = Receiving Poorly

10-77 = Negative Contact

10-30 = Does not conform to FCC Rules

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Sliding Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel mounted to a mechanism that allows it to be moved back and forth for the purpose of adjusting the distribution of weight on the tractor's axles. Also provides the capability to vary vehicle combination lengths.

Cargo Weight

Combined weight of all loads, gear and supplies on a vehicle.

Twins (Twin Trailers)

See Doubles.

Straight Truck

See Truck.

CB (Citizens Band Radio)

Two-way radio for which no license is required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Long beyond its heyday in the '70s, CB is still used by truckers and motorists for everything from traffic condition reports to emergency calls to idle chatter.

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