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Don’t let your specialty hinder your job search! These truck driving job listings are posted by companies looking specifically for Van drivers. That’s right – here, your specialty is everything! Check out each company’s job posting to find the one that best suits you! Happy hunting

Your truck driver 10-Codes of the Day

10-25 = Can you Contact .......

10-36 = Need correct time

10-27 = I am moving to Channel ......

10-200 = Police needed at ..........

10-71 = proceed with transmission in sequence


Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Dragon Wagon

Tow truck

Big/tall rubber

24 inch tires

VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards)

Set of codes developed to facilitate computerized tracking of parts and labor used in equipment repair. Established and maintained by the American Trucking Associations.

Sleeper Team

See Team.


A not-so-formal version of good neighbor.

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