Trucking Jobs in Camdenton, Missouri


Truck Driving Jobs in Camdenton, Missouri

Companies with Truck Driver Jobs in Missouri for Student:

There are some terrific local trucking jobs available near Camdenton, Missouri right now! If you’re ready to spend more time with your family while still making good money, you’re in the right place! Just fill out our secure online driver job application! Don’t let local jobs near Camdenton, Missouri get away from you! Apply now and start spending more time at home with your loved ones!


Trucking Companies in Camdenton, Missouri


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10-77 = Negative Contact

10-50 = Break Channel

10-8 = In Service, subject to call

10-100 = Need to go to Bathroom

10-85 = My address is ...........

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day


Road construction

Pusher Axle

See Axle.

AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification)

System combining an on-board transponder with roadside receivers to automate identification of vehicles. Uses include electronic toll collection and stolen vehicle detection. (see IVHS)


Traveling without a trailer


Structural component to which wheels, brakes and suspension are attached. Drive axles are those with powered wheels. Front axle is usually called the steer axle. Pusher axles are unpowered and go ahead of drive axles. Rear axles may be drive, tag or pusher types. Tag axles are unpowered and go behind drive axles.

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