Trucking Jobs in Henderson, Nevada


Truck Driving Jobs in Henderson, Nevada

Trucking Companies with driving jobs for Student in Nevada:

If youre tired of spending weeks at a time OTR, you should give a local trucking job a try! There are some wonderful local trucking job opportunities in Henderson, Nevada! Local trucking jobs offer good money, competitive benefits, and the home time youve been wanting! So dont wait fill out our secure online driver job application! These local trucking jobs in Henderson, Nevada will fill up fast!


Trucking Companies in Henderson, Nevada


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-95 = Transmit dead carrier for 5 seconds

10-7 = Out of Service, Leaving Air

10-16 = make pickup at (location)

10-18 = Anything for us?

10-39 = Your message delivered

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Ears on

CB is turned on

Trip Recorder (On-Board Computer)

Cab-mounted device which electronically or mechanically records data such as truck speed, engine rpm, idle time and other information useful to trucking management.


Police radar unit

Boss man

Your immediate superior/supervisor at work.

CB (Citizens Band Radio)

Two-way radio for which no license is required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Long beyond its heyday in the '70s, CB is still used by truckers and motorists for everything from traffic condition reports to emergency calls to idle chatter.

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