Trucking Jobs in Albany, New York


Truck Driving Jobs in Albany, New York

Driver Jobs for Student in Albany, New York:

Whether you’re fresh out of trucking school, or you have years on the road under your belt – we can help you find a great truck driving job! You just complete our secure online driver job application and we’ll forward your professional driving information to wonderful trucking companies looking for company drivers and owner operators just like you! Apply now and get the job you deserve!


Trucking Companies in Albany, New York


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-85 = My address is ...........

10-35 = Confidential Information

10-23 = Stand by

10-100 = Need to go to Bathroom

10-16 = make pickup at (location)

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Gear Ratio

Number, usually expressed as a decimal fraction, representing how many turns of the input shaft cause exactly one revolution of the output shaft. Applies to transmissions, power takeoffs, power dividers and rear axles. Example: If 2.5 revolutions of an input shaft cause one revolution of the output shaft, the gear ratio is 2.5:1.

City kitty

Woman city police officer


Semitrailer built with reinforcements to withstand transport by a railroad flatcar. (see TOFC)

Bear report

Requesting locations of the law enforcement

AFV (Alternative Fueled Vehicle)

Vehicle powered by a fuel other than gasoline or diesel.

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