Trucking Jobs in Jacksonville, North Carolina


Truck Driving Jobs in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Trucking Companies for Local in Jacksonville, North Carolina:

Don’t let your specialty hinder your job search! These truck driving job listings are posted by companies looking specifically for Flatbed drivers. That’s right – here, your specialty is everything! Check out each company’s job posting to find the one that best suits you! Happy hunting


Trucking Companies in Jacksonville, North Carolina


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10-44 = I have a message for you

10-77 = Negative Contact

10-84 = My telephone number is .........

10-12 = Visitors Present

10-36 = Need correct time

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Twins (Twin Trailers)

See Doubles.

Double Harley

Putting the CB on channel 11


Low overpass

TL (Truckload)

The quantity of freight required to fill a trailer; usually more than 10,000 pounds. (see LTL)

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