Trucking Jobs in Devils Lake, North Dakota


Truck Driving Jobs in Devils Lake, North Dakota

Local Trucking Companies in Devils Lake, North Dakota:

Love driving a truck but hate missing that precious time with your loved ones? You could benefit from a local trucking job! There are some great local trucking jobs available near Devils Lake, North Dakota! If youre convenient to this area and youd like a local trucking job, fill out our secure online driver job application. Dont wait these great jobs will fill up fast!


Trucking Companies in Devils Lake, North Dakota


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-93 = Check my frequency on this channel

10-13 = Advise weather and road conditions

10-92 = Your transmitter is out of adjustment

10-9 = Repeat Message

10-33 = Emergency Traffic at this station

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Do it to it

Speed up


Road construction

Cargo Weight

Combined weight of all loads, gear and supplies on a vehicle.

CG (Center of Gravity)

Weight center or balance point of an object, such as a truck body. Calculated to help determine optimum placement of truck bodies on chassis.

Piston Displacement

See Displacement.

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