Trucking Jobs in Dallas, Oregon


Truck Driving Jobs in Dallas, Oregon

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Hello Truck Drivers!!!! Just like you have a passion for truck driving, we here at Hiring Truck have a passion for getting truck drivers driver jobs. First things first, our deepest apologies but, we don't have any trucking companies listed in , . Now, the good news is we absolutely have local trucking jobs for truck drivers like you in the surrounding area. The best part is, all you have to do is click the apply online button you see below. Once that's done we send your application to the numerous trucking companies in your area with trucking jobs that meet your criteria. If you have not got the point yet it is simply this, we do everything we possibly can to get driver jobs for you that coincide with the kind of driver you are!!! 

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Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Bundled out

Trailer is fully loaded

Ply Rating (PR)

Relative measure of tire casing strength. (see Load Range)


See Converter Dolly.

Dry box

Freight trailer

Contract Carrier

Company that transports freight under contract with one or a limited number of shippers.

Your truck driver 10-Codes of the Day


Unable to copy, use phone


Stop Transmitting


Urgent Business


I will give you a radio check


Traffic Accident at ..........

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