Trucking Jobs in Dallas, Oregon


Truck Driving Jobs in Dallas, Oregon

Dallas, Oregon Trucking Companies:

We know a few things here very, very well. What we know best is truck drivers and the hiring process. What you see here are some trucking companies from Dallas, Oregon. Go ahead and check out the info listed for these companies and their information. Also think about the Apply Buttons you see because what we'll do when you apply is forward your driving history to companies you're pre-qualified to drive for and get better truck driving jobs for any kind of employee, even Company Driver experienced in Auto. No matter what kind of truck driver you are, or experience you have, we'll work as hard as we can to find awesome truck driving jobs for you to review. Applying with us can change your truck driving career because we only work with truck drivers and helping them find better jobs.


Trucking Companies in Dallas, Oregon


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-85 = My address is ...........

10-8 = In Service, subject to call

10-32 = I will give you a radio check

10-42 = Traffic Accident at ..........

10-35 = Confidential Information

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Bear in the air

Air supported highway patrol


Tractor operating without a trailer.

Private Carrier

Business which operates trucks primarily for the purpose of transporting its own products and raw materials. The principle business activity of a private carrier is not transportation. (see For-Hire Carrier)

Jake Brake

See Retarder.

Drivetrain (Powertrain)

All the components, excluding engine, which transmit the engine's power to the rear wheels: clutch, transmission, driveline and drive axle(s). (See Powertrain)

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