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You just left your hometown truck stop and you already miss your family? Sounds like you need a local trucking job! A local trucking job allows you to keep driving a truck, but offers more time at home with your family! There are some great local trucking job opportunities available, so you’re sure to find the one suited to you! To find a terrific local trucking job, click here!

Your truck driver 10-Codes of the Day

10-67 = All units comply

10-32 = I will give you a radio check

10-34 = Trouble at this station, help is needed

10-2 = Receiving Well

10-39 = Your message delivered


Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Spoke Wheel

See Cast Spoke Wheel.

Bogie (also spelled bogey)

Assembly of two or more axles, usually a pair in tandem.

Pup Trailer

Short semitrailer, usually between 26 and 32 feet long, with a single axle.

Twins (Twin Trailers)

See Doubles.

Chassis Weight (Curb Weight, Tare Weight)

Weight of the empty truck, without occupants or load.

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