Trucking Jobs in Carthage, Tennessee


Truck Driving Jobs in Carthage, Tennessee

Local Trucking Companies in Carthage, Tennessee:

You just left your hometown truck stop and you already miss your family? Sounds like you need a local trucking job! A local trucking job allows you to keep driving a truck, but offers more time at home with your family! There are some great local trucking job opportunities available, so youre sure to find the one suited to you! To find a terrific local trucking job, click here!


Trucking Companies in Carthage, Tennessee


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-200 = Police needed at ..........

10-93 = Check my frequency on this channel

10-45 = All units within range please report

10-26 = Disregard Last Information/Cancel Last Message

10-94 = Please give me a long count

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Gear Ratio

Number, usually expressed as a decimal fraction, representing how many turns of the input shaft cause exactly one revolution of the output shaft. Applies to transmissions, power takeoffs, power dividers and rear axles. Example: If 2.5 revolutions of an input shaft cause one revolution of the output shaft, the gear ratio is 2.5:1.

Kingpin (trailer)

Anchor pin at the center of a semitrailer's upper coupler which is captured by the locking jaws of a tractor's fifth wheel to attach the tractor to the semitrailer.

Feed the bears

Receive a ticket


CB'er who asks to use a channel

Brake check

Jamming on your brakes in traffic

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