Trucking Jobs in Norton, Virginia


Truck Driving Jobs in Norton, Virginia

Companies with Truck Driving Jobs in Norton, Virginia for Local:

Truck driver jobs and owner operator trucking jobs can be found with the below trucking companies hiring out of Norton, Virginia. Suppose you are a Company Driver that only wants to drive Hazmat though, well we have the perfect solution for you. If you want to review the trucking companies listed here, go ahead. You'll find out how to get in touch with them, see what they're paying, as well as what they require out of a potential hire. But, if you want that perfect truck driver job the fill out an online secure application with us. It only takes a few minutes and it will change your trucking career immediately. What happens is we match your trucking history to the needs of our clients - the best trucking companies in the country. They'll get through to you with job offers which means you can decide what one is best for you based on what they're all offering. You can finally compare several trucking jobs side by side instead of having to take a single offer from one trucking company.


Trucking Companies in Norton, Virginia


Your 10-Codes of the Day

10-84 = My telephone number is .........

10-20 = My Location is ......... or What's your Location?

10-18 = Anything for us?

10-34 = Trouble at this station, help is needed

10-70 = Fire at .......

Your Truck driving Definitions of the Day

Converter Dolly (Dolly)

Auxiliary axle assembly equipped with a fifth wheel (coupling device), towed by a semitrailer and supporting the front of, and towing, another semitrailer.

On-Board Computer

See Trip Recorder.


See Sleeper.

Cast Spoke Wheel

Wheel with five or six spokes originating from a center hub. The spoked portion, usually made of cast steel, is bolted to a multiple-piece steel rim (see Demountable Rim; Disc Wheel).


Truck driver who constantly changes lanes at high speeds

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