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Owner Operator Jobs

As you search for trucking jobs online, you will come across plenty of owner operator jobs. Learn more about what it takes to be an owner operator and how to find OO trucking jobs near you thanks to Hiring Truck Drivers.

What is an Owner Operator

An owner-operator is a truck driver who owns and operates their own truck. By owning your equipment, you are responsible for paying for your truck payments and any associated costs including taxes and insurance. Since you handle everything as your own boss, you control how much money comes in.

If you are working solo as an OO, then you don’t have to pay other drivers for working on your fleet. All of that revenue goes directly back to you. You have to pay for all of your trucking costs and operating expenses. Yet by earning more money per mile, and controlling your expenses, you can do more than break even.

How to Become an Owner Operator

If you want to become an owner operator, start by taking a serious look at your trucking career. Are you just getting out of trucking school as a student driver? Then you want to get some behind the wheel experience before proceeding as an owner-operator. This type of trucking career is for truck drivers who are experienced and fully prepared for what can happen on the open road. One way to transition to an owner-operator role is to search for owner operator jobs.

Finding Owner Operator Jobs

Here at Hiring Truck Drivers, we showcase the highest paying owner operator jobs in the US. Whether you live in California, Connecticut, or Colorado there is an owner-operator trucking job waiting for you. To get hired as an owner-operator starts by finding trucking jobs for this type of truck driver.

Trucking companies hire owner-operators because they know these drivers can work independently. Unlike company drivers, an owner-operator has more of the ability to work on their own. This is key to being an OTR truck driver. For those owner-operators who succeed, the hard work is definitely worth the effort. It all starts with finding your first owner operator trucking job at Hiring Truck Drivers.

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