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Student Trucking Jobs

If you are considering a career as a truck driver, then you are in the market for student trucking jobs. As a truck driving student, you are currently enrolled in one of the many CDL student driver programs in the US or plan to go to trucking school. Once you graduate and get a commercial driver’s license, you’ll be ready to apply to truck driving jobs. Here at Hiring Truck Drivers, we connect student drivers with recent graduate truck driving jobs.

Find CDL Truck Driver Programs

You can also find your own CDL student driver programs near you. This enables you to be free to apply to any trucking company that hires student drivers when you get your CDL. You are not bound to one carrier, which can mean you may be able to make more money. It all depends on where you live and which trucking companies are hiring student drivers near you.

However, you won’t have a trucking job when you graduate unless you get one of those highly prized pre-hire letters inviting you to truck driver orientation. This is where Hiring Truck Drivers is here to help you. We sort through thousands of current trucking job postings to find no experience CDL driver jobs.

Instead of asking every company if they hire recent CDL grads with no behind the wheel experience, look at only those companies that do. Save yourself a ton of time and get hired quick with Hiring Truck Drivers student trucking jobs.

Match yourself with the jobs that suit you!